ListView Items Overlap for Small Icon view after application.enablevisualstyles()


  • I am working on C# Windows Application and I have enabled WindowsXp Theme by calling application.enablevisualstyles(). There is a ListView in one the form and Items are constituted with Text and Image. Images for the List View Items are assigned through ImageList. I am using 16 bit images for Small View and 32 bit for Large View. List View Items can be viewed in Large, Small, List and Details and

    The Issue we are facing is, ListView items alignment is going for toss for Small View, List and Details. Items are getting overlapped with each other. I observed that this happens only for Small View followed by List and Details View. Issue will not appear, if we remove application.enablevisualstyles() but we need Windows Xp theme.

    Your help is very much appreciated !!


    Tuesday, April 25, 2017 5:20 AM