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  • I've got a custom ThemeResourceDictionary that merges standard resources with light/dark theme resources and custom theme resources on startup.

    With the new Universal app (WinRT) I'm not able to detect when the user switches back to the app, so if he changes background color between light and dark and switches back to my app, the custom ThemeResourceDictionary resources specific for light and dark themes won't be updated. I need an event to detect when the user switches back to my app, and always run the ThemeResourceDictionary merge method.

    I've tried Application.Resume, Application.OnLaunched, Page.OnNavigatedTo and Page.Loaded but none of them are triggered. This also means that the game is running when the app is not displayed on the screen if the user presses the start button. This worked differently on Silverlight for Windows Phone (WP8). What should I do now with WinRT?


    Saturday, July 26, 2014 1:21 PM


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