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  • Hi,

    Looking for data modelling tool to create logical and physical model for dimensional modelling, Viso professional is one we can use, can any one please suggest if there are any free data modelling tools.

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    Friday, April 22, 2016 11:11 AM


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  • Hi NiKumar,

    When you get something for "free" you generally pay a lot more in time and effort to use the freebie. If you value your time, pay for your tools, ok?

    You do not see good tradesmen trying to get free second hand tools...and there is a good reason for that...Ok?


    I have used a lot of DM tools over the years from 89 to 05. About 10 years ago we gave up on them. We now use Excel to capture all of our models etc. We also capture the vast majority of metadata needed to build data warehouses in Excel.

    When I tell people that my data warehousing tool of choice is Excel they look at me like I have two heads! LOL!

    But it is true. Using Excel we can build DWs faster than anyone else. Period.

    We sell this tool and recently decided to more than double the price due to lack of interest from those who know me well enough to know that I build great tools.

    A client of mine is currently doing a DW to map a version of NA Vision to a new DW. That includes 1,800 tables and 35,000 fields. DWs like this are simply not possible to manage in data modeling tools.

    Our previous record for most fields mapped through to production data warehouse is 9,000. So mapping 35,000 fields is going to be something of a task.

    Another client if mine has 55,000 mapping rows for one of their clients. Our tools have made it possible to map more data in to data warehouses and maintain them properly than any other way I know about. And I am always open to hearing about new ways to build DWs

    I can assure you. You (or anybody else who would like to save a lot of time building a DW) can get full demos here.


    I did talk to MSFT in the late 00s about licensing these tools and the discussion did not get very far.

    I would still be more than happy for MSFT to license these tools or use them or recommend them. It would be good for MSFT because with these tools more people could put more data in to SQL Server.

    You just can not build the sort of data warehouses we are now building with GUI tools. Can't be done and we realised that in 2003. I wish you a good day! Best Regards Peter

    Peter Nolan

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  • If free is your budget then I agree with Peter. Also, if you are developing conceptual and logical models to communicate back and forth with a client you can use PowerPoint for the concepts and more detailed specifications in a straightforward word document. From there I like to break out the data catalog into excel. After that I just build a prototype in SQL and export diagrams from SMSS. I have not had much luck with data modeling tools because most clients prefer the user friendly office suite to communicate.
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