Problems Linking Alexa Skill to Microsoft App Registration


  • I'm trying to link an Alexa Skill to a Microsoft App Registration that issues bearer tokens, using the Amazon Account Linking service. And though it lets me log in, and sends an auth code to Amazon, I'm then getting the common error: "Unable to link your skill. Please try again later." I think (though I'm not entirely sure) this is the issue.

    According to one thread, for Amazon to handle the state and authentication code, they need to be in the redirect URL after a #, like{appid}?{any-query-string}#code={token}&state={state}.

    However, from Chrome dev tools, Microsoft seems to be handling the code and state in the query string:{appid}?code={code}&state={state}&session_state={session_state}. As a result, the code is not being handled by Amazon, and it never gets as far as requesting a token.

    If anyone can confirm this is actually the issue, or has any ideas on how to solve it (ideally without coding up my own whole authorisation API, though I could use some help if that's necessary), do let me know!

    For information:

    • I'm using the V2 endpoint and auth code grant.
    • The Microsoft App registration is working as I can get it to issue tokens to Postman.
    • I've used both redirect URLs that Alexa suggests ({id} and{id}) though I've tried using them individually just in case, and it didn't help.
    • Scopes are Calendars.ReadWrite and User.Read, as delegated permissions.
    Friday, March 3, 2017 10:17 AM

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