Server lease replacement migration moving luns from one server to another; I have concernes about the master database RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I have to lease replace a sql server where the system and user databases all exist on the e drive, part of our SAN. The migration is going to be done where the current luns are removed from the old server and presented to the new server. Sql is installed on the C drive which is not a SAN Drive.

    SQL Version 2k8R2 SP2 10.52.4000 Enterprise

    Non Clustered.

    My concerns are that obviously I will need to install SQL on the new server which will install the system databases as well. When the drive moves to the new server it brings the ldfs and mdfs of the master, model, msdb, tempd, and all user databases with it on drive E. I already know the mdf and ldf should be on separate drives; not my choice.

    First concern is I feel like all the databases will need to be detached before the lun move; for the user dbs this is no big deal; detaching master I am not sure about.

    My second concern is how to handle master moving over with the lun;

    I was thinking I could just install sql on the new server with system databases on the c drive; then move over the luns and repoint the database files for the system databases on the e drive.

    Alternatively I could take a backup of current master and restore it over the top of the master on the new servers c drive but specify the e location during the restore.

    How would you handle this? All the dbs, including system will move with the SAN LUN moving to the new server; the versions of sql will stay the same.

    I appreciate any advice.


    Sunday, September 27, 2015 4:31 AM

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  • Hello,

    I did not get the disk layout on your source server - is it like you have a single E: drive with all the databases, or you have E: drive and then several different LUNs as mountpoints?

    Ivan Donev MCT and MCSE Data Platform

    Sunday, September 27, 2015 6:36 PM
  • The current prod server has a C, an E, and F drive. The new server will be presented with all the luns that represent the E and F drives that are currently attached to the live production server. So we would shut down sql on the live box and rename the new replacement server to the same as the old production server and present those same e and f drives via the luns from the current production server to the new server. I have to install SQL first on the new server so I know I will need to update @@ServerName with sp_dropserver and sp_addserver; and I know I will need to attach the databases to the new server. My concern is that When I install SQL on the new server it will create the system databases automatically. I'm thinking my best course of action may be to ignore the mdf and ldf of the system databases that are on the lun and just modify the new system database by scripting out all the views, logins. linked servers, etc. However if the existing databases from the prod server could easily be presented to the new install of sql from the data files on the E and F drives that would be moved to it that would be great. I have to do this Monday night and the system can be down all night but the system must be up by 7am Tuesday.

    I am going to install the same version of sql on the new server.

    Just not really sure how to migrate in this way since I have always just done the backup restore method, but the practice of moving luns for lease replacements in this role is common, however the san and system admins only know how they do their side of things and not mine.

    Sunday, September 27, 2015 6:47 PM