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  • I try to implement custom effect on direct2d, my Effects Register method works fine, but on createeffect method I have returned value  "HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(ERROR_NOT_FOUND): Element not found". Here is my Register, and pointer creating methods.And my project is a dll.
    HRESULT SplashEffect::Register(_In_ ID2D1Factory1* pFactory)
    	// The inspectable metadata of an effect is defined in XML. This can be passed in from an external source
    	// as well, however for simplicity we just inline the XML.
    	PCWSTR pszXml =
              <?xml version='1.0'?>
                    <!-- System Properties -->
                    <Property name='DisplayName' type='string' value='Ripple'/>
                    <Property name='Author' type='string' value='Microsoft Corporation'/>
                    <Property name='Category' type='string' value='Stylize'/>
                    <Property name='Description' type='string' value='Adds a ripple effect that can be animated'/>
                        <Input name='Source'/>
    	return pFactory->RegisterEffectFromString(
    HRESULT __stdcall SplashEffect::CreateEffectImpl(_Outptr_ IUnknown** ppEffectImpl)
    	// Since the object's refcount is initialized to 1, we don't need to AddRef here.
    	*ppEffectImpl = static_cast<ID2D1EffectImpl*>(new (std::nothrow) SplashEffect());
    	if (*ppEffectImpl == nullptr)
    		return E_OUTOFMEMORY;
    		return S_OK;

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  • I'll ask our DirectX engineer to check on this.

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