How to check in a Windows Store app if it can use hardware MFT RRS feed

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  • In my Windows Store app I set MF_READWRITE_ENABLE_HARDWARE_TRANSFORMS to true on a sinkwriter in order to use hardware MFT's to encode MP4 video files. On a surface tablet I get a performance gain of 30-40 percent because of that. However on some other systems the resulting video file is corrupted. When MF_READWRITE_ENABLE_HARDWARE_TRANSFORMS to false, the video files are OK. Now I am assuming this is because on some systems there are no hardware MFT's available. So I would like to check if the system it is running on supports hardware MFT's. I found that there is a function called MFTEnumEx to get the answer. But this function is only available on desktops and not Windows Store apps.

    Is there a way how to check in a Windows Store app if there are hardware MFT available?



    Sunday, March 24, 2013 10:36 AM


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