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  • I currently have C++ coded games that run on XBOX Live, but I am having troubles finding the resources I desire to go about game-making in the Windows 8 XBOX Live environment.  So I guess what I would really like is some clarification.  I have recently been watching the Build conference videos, and particularly the one on XBOX Live on Windows 8 working with metro-style apps.  I have a few questions regarding this:

    1)  XBOX Live will be separate from the Windows LiveID SDK? I need to set a game/app up for XBLive, but all I have found are resources for the 'Live SDK' for what looks to me Windows LiveID but not inclusive of XBOX. 

    2) During the presentation they showed the PinballFX game ported to windows8 with achievements and what looks to be a (partially?) functional XBLive environment. Is that SDK, and/or sample code relating to it available at all? Is this going to be closely resmble - very close to the current XDK code?

    3) Will there be/is there a forum specifically for XBOX games for windows that I missed or should I continue to look for all of my information in this forum?


    Tuesday, September 27, 2011 6:47 PM


  • At the moment, the Xbox LIVE on Windows presentation that Avi Ben-Menahem delivered is still the best source of information:


    The following link should be active in the coming weeks, and will have more information on the benefits and application process for becoming an Xbox LIVE on Windows developer:



    Quick answers to your specific questions:

    1. The Xbox LIVE on Windows SDK will be separate from the Windows LiveID SDK.

    2. PinballFX is not currently available in demo or source form. If you're looking for a good tutorial on building Windows 8 games, see the Marble Maze sample and documentation content:



    The APIs used to build DirectX/C++ apps should be familiar to those used in the XDK. You can watch the DirectX-tagged BUILD presentations for more detail here.

    There will be sample code for Xbox LIVE on Windows APIs available with the SDK. Avi's presentation detailed usage of those APIs and outlined the major differences from those used on Xbox today. This code should look very different to code you've used in the past to access Xbox LIVE.

    3. This is the bet forum for Xbox LIVE on Windows questions in the near future. As noted, we will have much more information available at the link above soon.

    Thursday, September 29, 2011 2:20 AM