How to get a WP8.x store url from the new dashboard? RRS feed

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  • I create WP8.x apps and I've created many of them without troubles.

    But since the new Dev Dashboard I only get a Windows 10 URI in return, after submitting a new app.

    Older apps have both a W10 and WP8.x URI, which is fine to me... but after the "upgrade" to the new dashboard, I can not even download my own apps, because I do not have W10 (on both desktop and / or phone).

    Am I doing something wrong, or is there an other way to submit a WP8.x app using the new dashboard, and get a WP8.x URI scheme in return?

    - update - After publishing the app in the store, the new dashboard creates a WP8.x URI scheme itself.

    So basically this is the flow;

    1. Create a new app
    2. Upload the .apx
    3. Submit the app
    4. A W10 URI scheme is created (not WP8.x) at once
    5. Wait 'till the app is published / certified
    6. Still waiting
    7. Just wait
    8. Wait and behave
    9. Also a WP8.x URI scheme is given in return *)

    *) You can find both URI's under "App Management -> App Identity -> bottom of page"

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