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  • Hi,
    I'm don't know linq at all. Very few things and I need to convert a SQL query to equivallent LINQ. So please proved me with that. My SQL query is.

    select fpl.PositionTop, fpl.PositionLeft, fpl.SizeWidth, fpl.SizeHeight, i.issue_Id, oi.pageno,
        oi.Advertiser, cpydtl.[FileName],
        fpl.IsImageGenerated, oi.ord_id, oi.oi_Id, oi.adDet_id
        from tblOrderItem oi INNER JOIN tblOrder o On o.ord_Id = oi.ord_Id
        INNER JOIN tblOrderCopy ocpy On ocpy.ord_id = o.ord_Id
        INNER JOIN tblCopyDetails cpydtl On cpydtl.[file_Id] = ocpy.[file_Id]
        INNER JOIN tblIssue i on i.issue_Id = oi.issue_id
        INNER JOIN tblAdDetail adDet on adDet.adDet_Id = oi.adDet_Id
        LEFT OUTER JOIN tblFlatPlanning fpl On fpl.[file_id] = cpydtl.[file_id]
        WHERE i.issue_id = some_variable

    Can anyone help with this.

    -Vinit Yadav
    Wednesday, November 12, 2008 1:54 PM

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