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  • Hi - Seems this thread has been around before (see below).  Has anyone found a solution?  This is exactly the problem I have been having and I'm desperately trying to find a work around. I have baseline data at the task and several summary levels (entered monthly via task entry view.)  In the Gantt Table I see all of the Baseline Cost Values in the Baseline Cost column.  When I run a standard Visual Report, such as the EV Over Time report or the Baseline Cost Report, no baseline cost data is exported to Excel.  Really?  A "Baseline Cost" report that fails to export Baseline Cost?  Really?  If there is a solution to this or an easy work-around I am very eager to know what it might be.  Thanks in advance...



    Swanse Jack --

    I created a sample project in which I specified no Standard Rate information for each resource, assigned resources to each task, and then I added a Fixed Cost value to each task. I baselined the project. I believe I simulated what you have done. I then applied the Baseline Cost report, which I suspect is the Visual Report you applied as well. To my consternation, the Baseline Cost is ZERO for every task and for the project! GRRR! The best I can surmise is that this behavior is a bug in the Visual Report. And unfortunately, I do not know of any workaround. But at least I can confirm the behavior you are seeing. Hope this helps.

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    "Swansea Jack" <john.phillips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:6D3DF6E9-02A6-48D7-BC8F-01EF02C72C00@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hi All

    There has been a post similar so my apologies if this covers the same ground
    I've created a simple programme (in MSP2007) and want a cheap'n'cheerful
    method of plotting planned costs over time and tracking actual costs which
    I'm inputting manually on a weekly basis.

    I've added a 'fixed cost' to each task and baselined the project. But when I
    try to run a visual report (sorry but I hate this feature in 2007, it was
    much easier in 2003), the baseline cost for each task is zero.

    Any help ? (OK I know I'm not doing this the right way for the purists - I
    just wanted a quick graph !). Thanks.

    Hywl !
    Swansea Jack

    Monday, October 17, 2011 8:41 PM

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  • Did you push the Status Date out to the end of the project?

    Do BCWS, BCWP and ACWP show in the Task Usage view?

    Andrew Lavinsky [MVP] Blog: http://azlav.umtblog.com Twitter: @alavinsky
    Saturday, October 22, 2011 2:07 AM