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  • I loaded a PowerPivot workbook with data from SQL 2008 R2.  After building some pivot tables, charts, etc. I noticed that I had misspelled a word that was being used inside a slicer.  I changed the spelling in the database and did a manual refresh of data into PowerPivot.  The refresh said it worked fine, but the value did not change in the slicer.  So anytime I tried to select the misspelled value in the slicer I got the following error:

    Query (3,22) The level '&[Eigth Grade]' object was not found in the cube when the string, [DimGradeLevel].[GradeLevelDesc].[Eigth Grade], was parsed.

    I finally had to remove the entire slicer from all worksheets/pivot tables, save and close the workbook, then reopen.  Upon reopening, Excel gave me the message that it had to remove some unrecoverable content.  I then added the slicer back to the worksheet and it appears to have cleared it up.

     <<spoke to soon>>...

    The spelling in the slicer has been updated, but it is still unusable (same error).  It looks like I'll have to rebuild everything..

    Monday, September 20, 2010 4:54 PM


  • If you go into your PowerPivot tab and click on Settings, what build number are you running?  The RTM release is 10.50.1600.1.  If you don't have that then for sure download the latest version.  There have been some CUs released as well, I believe they are on at least 3 now.

    Typically what I have seen is that after the refresh is done in the PowerPivot Window I will need to refresh the content in the Data tab in the Ribbon.  Sometimes I will also be prompted in the PowerPivot field list, but that is usually when modifcations are done with new tables, relationships, and changes to the underlying PowerPivot data setup.

    You might also check your user temp directory and clear out any Vertipaq folders that are possibly floating around.  These would be located in the following location with newer releases of Windows OS - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp and the folders are labeled something like VertiPaq_<guid>.

    If that doesn't fix it and you have installed the latest CU and are still able to reproduce this easily then I would post to the Connect site as a bug - https://connect.microsoft.com.

    Dan English's BI Blog
    Friday, September 24, 2010 1:51 AM