how to block an incoming call? RRS feed

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    public static extern IntPtr FindWindow(string lpClassName, string lpWindowName);


    public static extern IntPtr SendMessage(IntPtr hndl,uint Msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam);

    public const uint WM_HIDE=0;

    public const uint WM_SHOW = 5;

    public const uint WM_CLOSE = 0x0010;


    IntPtr hndl =new IntPtr();

    hndl = FindWindow("Dialog", "Phone - Incoming");

    IntPtr check = SendMessage(hndl, WM_CLOSE, IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero);

    This code block the incoming call notification by hiding the incoming call notification window

    Details about hardware and Software:
    Windows mobile 6.1 professional
    Htc Diamond touch

    how to block an incoming call in any other way?
    Thanks, Bharathi
    Thursday, March 5, 2009 5:35 AM


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