AD B2C Social logins with native SDKs


  • We are implementing authentication with AD B2C in our native mobile apps (iOS & Android). We'd like to have separate buttons for Facebook, Google+, email login as well as email sign up, however it is not possible because as far as we can see everything is handled by the webview. We are following the steps provided by the documentation here (for Android):

    The result is that authenticating works through an embedded web page (webview / chrometab / browser), but not with native SDKs or native UI for social platforms like Facebook and Google. We would like to present only native UI elements to the user, and preferably make use of the Facebook and Google SDKs (for example: and

    The Microsoft documentation for registring a mobile/native application includes the following step:
    > Set up a native client Redirect URI (e.g. com.onmicrosoft.fabrikamb2c.exampleapp://oauth/redirect).
    However using a redirect URI is not supported by the native clients of Facebook and Google. This is only supported for website logins, and that's why following the documented steps result in web-based login.

    Creating the Google and Facebook login settings provides the choice for iOS or Android platforms, however the guide only refers to Website login:

    Is it possible to integrate native login (using SDKs and/or native UI) for iOS and Android with Azure AD B2C? If so, what are the steps and where can we find the relevant settings in the portal? We have not been able to find such option nor documentation.
    Thursday, April 13, 2017 1:51 PM

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