New task assigned to user from CurrentItem:UserField using Assign task action is assigned to different user. RRS feed

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  • Hello ! 

    I have run into "funny" problem. 

    I have following workflow:

    User is creating item in ListA. In new form he needs to put Manager which is User Field column type. From people picker he is choosing login name Domain\jo (Two letters seems to be important here). User is resolved correctly to John Doe. Item is saved and added to list correctly. In list view John Doe is displayed in Manager column. In view item John Doe is in Manager field. In powershell Id;#John Doe is as a Manager field value. 

    Now the "funny" part:

    After item is added to ListA workflow is started automatically. Workflow is assigning new task to user from Manager (CurrentItem:Manager) field using Assign task action. Now the new task is assigned to different person i.e. John Dimagio with login name DOMAIN\jod ! When I am logging value to wf history of the CurrentItem:Manager field I am getting sth like i;123#DOMAIN\jod . So value is completely different and wrong. 

    Can someone explain why is this happening? 

    My guess is that using two letters login name can cause such case but why ?


    Friday, January 30, 2015 12:02 PM