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    I am a newbie at C# and VWD, but quite experienced in SQL and SQL app development in general.  I have tried to extend the MemberInfo table/Dataset in the Club Site and got thoroughly bolluxed up.

    I first added my new column to the MemberInfo table and that was uneventful.

    I then CONFIGUREd the XSD Dataset "MemberInfo":  Open up the XSD diagram, right click on the MemberInfo dataset, select "Configure"

    I updated the SQL SELECT statement to include the new column. 

    I hit the NEXT button which displayed the following methods

    (1) Fill a Data Table:  name=GetMemberList
    (2) Return a Data Table:  name=GetMemberList

    I did not want to mess with the method names so I just hit the NEXT key and then the problems started.  I got the following error message:
    "The names specified for 'Fill a Data Table' and 'Return a Data Table' cannot be the same" with the inevitably useless OK button.

    Now I tried changing those names and suddenly I start getting 100+ error messages that refer to impacts of this change.  I am now completely lost.

    Also, have I encountered a bug in the APP?  It would seem that - if the XSD configurator forbids the use of the same name ("GetMemberList") for the two different methods, then the app should respect that rule.  Check it out; the app uses the same name for each (Fill table and return table).


    Wednesday, July 5, 2006 8:13 PM

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  • User-1653776603 posted
    If I remembr correctly, I think that the dataset only needs the Return method. The fill method(s) are really designed for windows forms scenarios where you want to fill an existing instance of a dataset.
    Friday, July 7, 2006 8:54 PM
  • User1853794821 posted
    Sorry to be so dumb, but I am not certain which method ("Fill" or "Return Table") is the "Get Method.  Which is which?
    Saturday, July 8, 2006 10:19 AM