Lock cells for two different users to two different cells RRS feed

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  • Dear Hans

    We need your help on vba codes for the following (in excel 2007)

    User 1 would enter 4 columns (say A B C D) with multiple rows and User 2 needs to enter 2 columns (say E & F).

    The requirement is post user 1 enters the data, all the cells should gets protected & locked. However, when user 2 opens the same workbook only column E & F should be allowed to get entered. Also, user 2 inputting the data in E & F and exiting the workbook., all the respective rows in the entire workbook should get locked. Net net, user 1 should not have access to user 2 area and vice-versa.

    Wednesday, November 4, 2015 11:42 AM