Chart does not update to include / remove data series RRS feed

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    I am using Access 2016 and the new charts. I have a query which I build using some combo dropdown boxes. This filters data ranging from 45 people down to 1 person or any combination. My chart shows how a person's time has been allocated between various categories. So, one person may have time logged against a project for which another has none.

    My query works fine and returns the correct data. I requery the chart when the query is updated and the chart redraws. If the series already exists in the chart drawn previously, then this updates. However, new series data (i.e. a new project) is not shown at all. 

    Here is a chart which has been requeried but only contains a few series of data:

    And here is what the graph should look like - if I then go to Design mode and preview the graph, the same query runs (no update):

    Are charts capable of updating to display new series data? Any work arounds that anyone knows? Do I need to go back to old charts from previous versions of Access?

    Any help much appreciated,




    Wednesday, June 5, 2019 7:56 AM