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    I have spent the last 8 months learning the basics of VWD and now need to add some simple communication to some code I am writing. I do volunteer work for non-profits so I have to do things on the cheap. I need to access a piece of equipment to check its status using Telnet. I can find very nice tools on the Internet but they are designed to be the total comm solution and are very expensive.

    I just need to access the device, send a string identifying the data I want, receive a string with the date, possibly repeat that sequence several times, and log out. Are there and code snippets or simple tools available that will help me?  A sample interaction might be  as follows:

    send- C:> Telnet

    Response - Password: (Enter Password)

    Response - Unit 7> (Enter data request such as "Freq")

    Respones - Frequency : 9230

    Response - Unit 7> (Enter Data Request)

    Response - Variable : Data

    Until finally

    Response - Unit 7> ("exit")

    Response - "Connection Terminated"


    This sequence would be repeated for maybe 200 times for one test sequence and the test sequence is needed for test data  every 10 minutes. I dont know enough about sockets yet to generate all the code myself. Any help would be appreciated.





    Sunday, May 4, 2008 12:15 PM


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