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    NOTE: This has been superseded by the Xamarin.iOS 9.3 preview 2 for tvOS 9.0 and watchOS 2.0.

    This is a preview release of Xamarin Studio and Xamarin.iOS support for watchOS 2 and new iOS 9 packaging features such as app thinning, on-demand resources, and data asset catalogs.

    Note that this preview is not necessary to use new iOS 9 APIs. Those API updates are included in Xamarin.iOS 8.13, which is currently available from the Xamarin alpha channel.

    This is an early preview and is still in active development. Not all features are complete and it has not been tested to the same level as our other releases. Nonetheless, if you find any problems that are not listed in the known issues please report them in Bugzilla!


    watchOS 2

    Creating watchOS 2 apps is now supported. watchOS 2 extension projects use a new “Xamarin.WatchOS” framework profile that includes the watchOS binding, Xamarin.WatchOS.dll, which supports all the new WatchKit features such as complications.

    There is a new project template for watchOS 2 apps:

    The iOS designer includes support for watchOS 2 apps:

    App Thinning

    Device specific builds now use app thinning to include only the asset variants used by your current device. This improves build and deployment time during development. To enable this, ensure that the “Enable device specific builds” option is checked in your project’s “iOS Build” options.

    On-Demand Resources

    On-demand resources are distributed separately from your app and downloaded as needed, making your app smaller to download and install.

    You can assign resource tags to your assets in the Asset Editor:

    You can assign resource tags to BundleResource files using the property pad:

    When the app is built, the on demand resources will be placed in asset packs in the OnDemandResources directory beside the app bundle.

    When publishing ad-hoc or enterprise builds, you can choose to embed the asset packs in the bundle, or specify a URL for serving the asset packs:

    Data Set and Sprite Atlas Asset Catalogs

    New asset types have been added to Asset Catalogs: Data Sets, which can be used for device-specific variant of arbitrary data files, and Sprite Atlases for SpriteKit.


    NOTE: The preview build is not updated automatically. Please check back to this page for updated preview releases. To install the preview build:

    1. Switch Xamarin Studio to the alpha channel and install all updates.
    2. Download the Xamarin Studio preview here and install it: XamarinStudio-
    3. Download the Xamarin.iOS preview here and install it: monotouch-

    When using the preview build, the updater will prompt you to “update” Xamarin Studio and Xamarin.iOS. You should ignore these updates, as the updater will simply install the current alpha builds, not the previews.

    Known Issues

    • watchOS 2 apps fail to compile for device. Only simulator is supported in this preview.
    • Debugging watchOS 2 apps is not yet supported.
    • On-demand resources do not load during local development.
    • The Publishing Wizard does not support app thinning.
    • The on-demand resource tags field in the property grid is not updated when the build action is changed.
    • There is no way to set Initial Install and Prefetch resource tags.
    • The UI design for Data Sets in Asset Catalogs is not finalized.
    • If you choose to add a ComplicationController from the project wizard, it will not compile unless you implement its abstract members.
    • iOS projects show an incorrect “incompatible framework” error for the WatchKit app.
    • The iOS Project Options panel for WatchKit app extensions shows several invalid options.
    • The UI incorrectly allows adding source code and assembly references to WatchKit apps. Code must be in the WatchKit extension.
    Monday, September 7, 2015 10:50 PM

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  • User142345 posted

    Why do we have to switch Xamarin Studio to alpha as well as installing the preview?

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015 10:36 AM
  • User28 posted

    This preview release is based on the alpha release. To simplify things, the other bits (Mono, Xamarin.Android, etc) should be from the alpha channel.

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015 3:05 PM
  • User82939 posted

    Okay. I switched to alpha channel and updated everything including studio 5.10.800. And installed the studio preview and mono touch. Still cannot see the Extension menu under iOS. Why?

    Thursday, October 1, 2015 7:14 PM
  • User36353 posted

    What about Bitcode?

    Tuesday, October 27, 2015 4:24 PM