Publishing : "The certificate specified is not valid for signing"


  • Hello,

    I want to upload my universal W10 app to windows store.

    In VS2015 I do Project>Store>Create app package

    I get 2 errors :

    1) Certificate file 'XXX.XXX.TemporaryKey.pfx" not found

    2) The certificate specified is not valid for signing (...)

    I can't find any .pfx file, so error 1 is not surprising.

    I have read that this file should be created when the project was created, but the project was created by Xenko (A C# cross plateform 3D engine), so I did not create it by myself.

    But when I go to my appxmanifest file, under tab Packaging, I can notice that Publisher is well filled (CN=XXX) with the value I can read in my dashboard in Windows Dev Center.

    How can I get a .pfx file? I could not find any "download certificate" in my Dashboard in Windows Dev Center...

    Or maybe there is something else to do?

    Thanks in advance.

    Friday, January 29, 2016 10:16 PM