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  • Dreamspark - Secure Download Manager: Download interrupted (red error), Download corrupted CRC errors - possible solution?

    I had recently a lot of problems with downloading products with Secure Download Manager, the download even if finished was corrupted with CRC errors or it was canceled because of error "The download cannot be completed. If a location selection is available for this  product, select another location. If no location selection is available, the download may fail to complete because no Internet connection was found, the  Internet connection was lost or a firewall or proxy server exists between the client station and hosting location. Please try again later."

    On almost 10+ download attempts all failed. I tried almost everything to make it work and nothing helped. Then i found this:

    " The recently released hotfix has been confirmed to cause data corruption during the download when a 3rd party driver working at Windows Filtering Platform layer intervenes in the communication. ESET has demonstrated it using a sample driver from Windows Development Kit and will contact Microsoft to address the issue with as highest priority as possible. In the mean time, we strongly recommend removing this hotfix until Microsoft comes up with a solution."

    I quickly checked that i had those hotfixes installed and i was like "lets give it a try". This is what i did:

    - removed all folders and *.sdx files and SDM installer from my computer

    - uninstalled Secure Download Manager via Control Panel

    - rebooted PC

    - opened regedit.exe and performed search for "Secure Download Manager" and deleted any entry found with this, and then searched for "SecureDownloadManager"

    - opened control panel, add and remove application (the place where you remove programs), clicked on "show installed updates" and then removed: KB2735855 and KB2750841 updates (sorting via name helps in finding them). After that rebooted PC (make sure that before rebooting your computer have windows update set to "never check for updates" or "check for updates but dont install"

    - download fresh install of Secure Download Manager, install it,

    - download fresh *.sdx file of your product

    - disable firewall/connect your computer to internet via LAN (if using wireless router)

    - begin download

    Of course i have always did those things, i was reinstalling SDM, disabling firewall, connecting directly to internet without any suceed. All my downloads with SDM were failures. But after uninstalling KB2735855 and KB2750841 3/4 of my downloads have suceeded! On 4 attempts i have managed to download and unpack to iso 3 programs (windows, visual studio), only one failed, and currently im downloading 4th one, its already at 50% without any errors.

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