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  • I'm working on my project which emphasized on mobile application. However, I never take a course that teaches me about developing mobile application. So I'm really a newbie in this field. I have search through several website + forums + a little discussion with my project adviser, yet I am not sure about the answer whether it is actually what I'm looking for.

    My project is based on Windows Mobile 6.5. The user of the system will have to login before they can use the application. The application will provide several choices (retrieve from the database on a separate desktop computer) for user to select. Once the user click "confirm," the database will be updated. It is actually an ordering system similar to the one in some restaurant. And this mobile device will be connected to the database through ODBC using WIFI. The language used is C#.

    From what I have read so far, some says that I have to use Web Service to connect (mobile device --> web service --> ODBC --> database). But after I asked my project adviser, he said that I can connect directly since mobile device is actually one computer (mobile device --> ODBC --> MS SQL Server).

    With this, I'm confused now. What should I do actually? Any comment, explanation, or sample code for me?

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