Retreiving sms messages from a website and posting them on foxpro!! RRS feed

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  • Hi there,


    Just wanted to start by saying a big thank you for all the information posted, your sources were very helpful and I intend to publish my findings so as to help others in similar situation.


    MORE HELP NEEDED! I have found a sms provider on the internet and I have created a program using vfp to post sms messages from my desktop, this has involved using parameters that are added onto the provider’s site/server and make it possible to send messages.


    LOCAL nAns,mStr,mTime,mPos,mResponse,mCopy,loIE

    mCopy = mStr
    thisform.lblSmartSMS.Caption = "Waiting for SmartSMS response"
    mStr = "&Username=lolu@WORK.COM&Password=NEC677&Account=EX46732&Originator=Lolu&Recipient=" ;
    + ALLTRIM(this.parent.EsendexRecipient.Value) + "&body=FROM ABAL SECURITY " ;
      + thisform.encodeURL(mStr)
    loIE = CREATEOBJECT('InternetExplorer.Application')
    IF thisform.WaitForReadyState(loIE)
     mResponse = loIE.Document.Body.InnerHTML

     MESSAGEBOX("Unable to connect to the SmartSMS Server",16,"Internet Connection Down")
    loIE = null

    this.Enabled = .t.

    My next task is to be able to show received messages on my desktop, although the messages received are available on their website, ideally I want fox pro to go and look up the <body> (website) and retrieve this messages from the websites source codes and post it on my form(form).




    Wednesday, September 10, 2008 3:23 PM