Restoring sub folders inside Inbox folder using New-MailBoxRestoreRequest RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have a mailbox in Recovery Database having subfolders like Roor01, Root02 etc ...inside the Inbox.

    Root001 and Root002 etc...have mails inside them.

    I want to restore the sub-folders Root001 ,Root002  ... with their respective mails to a target folder in my Exchange Mailbox.

    I am using the following cmdlet :'

    New-MailBoxRestoreRequest -SourceDatabase "RDB_6d180268-8668-4487-896e-98bcd08b83ec" -SourceSto
    reMailbox "Shiv"  -IncludeFolders "Inbox\*"  -TargetRootFolder "Root" -TargetMailbox "" -AllowLegacyD
    NMismatch -ExcludeDumpster

    But only the mails inside inbox folders are restored. The folders inside inbox (ie. Root001 and Root002) are not restored.

    Please let me know the correct syntax and usage so that i can restore the folders inside the Inbox of the recovery mailbox to

    my target folder in targetmailbox.


    Friday, February 1, 2013 1:51 AM