Can we create Views, Functions, Procedure in U-SQL?


  • Hello All,

    I have much experience of using Views, Functions, Procedures in Cosmos and scope. I want to know that whether those are available in U-SQL? If yes, whether we can create dynamic view, dynamic function and dynamic procedure?  If there is full documentation of this is available, then please let me know that.

    Also can we create module in U-SQL?


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  • Dear Mahesh

    U-SQL - while evolved from SCOPE - is not SCOPE. One of the main differences is that U-SQL does not allow execution of user-code during compilation. Thus you cannot create dynamic views/functions/procedures. However, U-SQL has added capabilities to the language that often address scenarios that dynamic views were being used for (and new features are being added).

    Also, U-SQL provides a meta data service that offers tables and schemas instead of being just file-based. So the equivalent to a module would be a database or schema.

    In general, I would suggest that you read through the U-SQL hands-on-labs (e.g.,,, the example projects and release notes on the U-SQL GitHub site, and the reference and user documentations.

    Michael Rys

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