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  • Newbie here so please forgive any formatting oversights.

    I'm attempting to use an application event to have a change to a task's field automatically update the formatting on the Gantt chart bar.

    Debugging shows that the event is handled correctly and passes the proper arguments, but I get Run-timer error '1100': "The method is not available in this situation." when the GanttBarFormatEx method is called:

    ' In a separate Application Events class that initializes and passes values correctly:

    Private Sub App_ProjectBeforeTaskChange2(ByVal tsk As Task, _ ByVal Field As PjField, _ ByVal NewVal As Variant, _ ByVal Info As EventInfo) Debug.Print "App_ProjectBeforeTaskChange2" If Field = pjTaskText4 And NewVal <> "" Then UpdateColors tsk, NewVal End If End Sub ' --------------------------------------------------------- ' Troublesome code:

    Sub UpdateColors(tsk As Task, sText As Variant) Dim pColor As PjColor Select Case sText Case "Red": pColor = pjRed Case Else: pColor = pjBlue End Select

    debug.print tsk.ID, pColor tsk.Application.GanttBarFormat TaskID:=tsk.ID, endcolor:=pColor End Sub

    I've tried the GanttBarFormat method as well (with and without the preceding tsk.Application) and both App_ProjectBeforeTaskChange & App_ProjectBeforeTaskChange2 but to no avail.

    Also, calling the format method in a "dummy" sub works fine when using the same arguments that are passed to it by the app event.

    A cursory search has turned up a few hits on MSDN and other sites, but I haven't found anything that helps.

    It seems I'm not allowed to insert links yet so here is a relevant MSDN post:

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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