Win10: Does the rotate, tilt, layer, zoom control allow customization or replacement? RRS feed

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  • MapControl on Win10 Build 10122 has a default UI control for rotation, tilt, layer selection, and zoom (RTLZ) on the right side of the screen.  This is (unfortunately) somewhat different from the UI for the built in Map application and I haven't yet figured out a means to either change or replace the RTLZ UI in MapControl.  To help with planning, it would be good to know the ultimate direction here:

    1. RTLZ is always present with a fixed location and presentation UI.

    1a. This presentation UI will be the same or different from the built in Map app.

    2. RTLX can be customized.

    3. RTLZ can be replaced.

    While I like the RTLZ implementation in the built-in map app I would need to customize it somewhat (especially layer selection).

    Friday, May 22, 2015 11:14 PM