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  • Hi Team,

    I have a appservice plan (Size : P2v2), Under which i have configured 10 appservices (Webapps).

    Out of 10 appservice, 2 appservice is consuming more memory. So, i need to allocate more memory for that 2 appservice.

    Can you please guide me in allocating more memory for specific appservice (webapps).

    FYI : I have been using node.js in webapps.

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  • Thanks for asking question! To elaborate on this in Paas an an app runs in an App Service plan this means an App Service plan defines a set of compute resources for a web app to run. When you create an App Service plan in a certain region a set of compute resources is created for that plan in that region. Whatever apps you put into this App Service plan run on these compute resources as defined by your App Service plan which defines: Region, Number and size of VM instances, Pricing tier (Free, Shared, Basic, Standard, Premium, PremiumV2, Isolated).

    When you create an app in App Service and put it  into an App Service plan and app runs, it runs on all the VM instances configured in the App Service plan means if the plan is configured to run five VM instances, then all apps in the plan run on all five instances. 

    You may look for configuring for Autoscale as per your need. Here all apps in the App Service plan are scaled out together based on the autoscale settings. You may refer to Scale instance count manually or automatically.

    If I have understood your scenario right you are having Appservice plan (Size : P2v2), in which 10 app service are there but only 2 appservice is consuming more memory and you want to improve that 2 app's performance. This can be done by isolating the compute resources. You can do it by moving those 2 app into a separate App Service plan. For more information, see Move an app to another App Service plan.


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