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  • I need to repeat all values of a hot observable based on a duration, so I wrote the next extension. However it has a memory leak, can someone help me write it correctly?

    public static IObservable<T> RepeatAllDuringSilence<T>(this IObservable<T> source, TimeSpan maxQuietPeriod,
    	IScheduler scheduler=null, IObservable<T> inner=null) {
    	if (scheduler==null)
    	if (inner == null)
    		inner = source;
    	return Observable.Create<T>(observer => {
    		var replay = inner.Replay(scheduler);
    		var sequence = source.Select(x => Observable.Interval(maxQuietPeriod, scheduler).SelectMany(_ => replay).StartWith(scheduler,x)).Switch();
    		return new CompositeDisposable( replay.Connect(), sequence.Subscribe(observer));

    Friday, February 2, 2018 4:29 PM