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  • Good Afternoon,

    Two years ago I went to a retreat at a camp called Camp de Benneville Pines. I was using Waze on my iphone. Yes, I probably should have used your products, but I didn't. I got lost for over an hour in the darkness and I didn't like it. Waze took me 5 Miles East past the camp! So, now I'm making it my mission to make sure all the major web map companies and GPS Companies have the right location for this camp!

    According to Bing, that uses Mapping Engine, it is about 1/2 Mile past the camps actual location.

    Now, according to an active Bing General Map forum sticky:

    There are three ways to report issues with the geocoding data in Bing Maps. They are as follows:

        Go to and click on the feedback button in the bottom right hand corner of the page and submit your issue.
        You can report the issue directly to Navteq as they are the primary data provider for Bing Maps. You make this report here:
        If you are an enterprise customer then contact the Bing Maps Enterprise support team and they can pass this on to the data team.
    Now, I am in contact with a Developer by the name of Boris Guenebaut.'s location for the camp is incorrect too. He is in the process of fixing it on his end. I thought that once he fixes the database it should trickle down to companies that use, like Bing, but I was wrong. When I asked Boris this he said,

    "Hi Guy,

    Bing Maps has its own database of points of interest and HERE cannot change anything in it. If not done yet, you will need to report the same to them."

    So, I am asking to get this issue resolved asap. Below should be all the information you need to make the corrections.

    The place is called: Camp de Benneville Pines (Camp has been in place over 50 years)

    Official Website:

    Official Address: 41750 Jenks Lake Road West Angelus Oaks, CA 92305

    GPS Coordinates to the front entrance of the camp are: 34.162294, -116.894291

    CalTopo: of the camp.

    The map feature itself looks like a lasso (coming off of Jenks Lake Road West) with a blue box in the middle of it. That's the camp's pool.


    The correct location and physical description of the camp is correct on these websites:

    Waze Maps: (Previously, their information was incorrect)

    Google Maps: (Previously, their information was incorrect)

    Mapquest: (Previously, their information was incorrect)

    Magellan has confirmed that they have the correct location in their system.

    TomTom does not have the correct information, and I have reached out to them to get this corrected.


    Guy DePalma
    Monday, February 22, 2016 12:41 AM


  • Ok, the post you initially referenced is pretty old. Didn't even know it was still up there. I've removed the HERE/NAVTEQ stuff as there are only a small number of situations where users will want to report issues directly to them.

    If you don't have an Enterprise license for Bing Maps, the main place to report any issues for Bing Maps if using the report a problem link on Using the information you provided I was able to do this for you in about a minute.

    HERE provides Bing Maps primarily with address data. They do have some local business data which Bing Maps exposes in their API's, but the data that HERE has is limited and Bing Maps instead uses a lot of other data providers for this type of data on the site. In the US, Yelp is one of the biggest data providers of this type of data.

    So, this issue has been reported to Bing Maps. The address is correct in Bing Maps but the coordinate is in the wrong place. As you found this is a common issue across all map platforms. The reason for this is that the location of most addresses in mapping systems are approximated based on the street numbers at the ends of the road. For example, a section of road goes from street number 1 to 100, house number 50 would have an approximate location that is in the middle of that section of road. This may or may not be correct in some scenarios. This is likely what is happening with this address. The offset of the address tends to be larger in rural area's where roads are longer and address numbers are not evenly distributed.

    Monday, February 22, 2016 5:51 PM