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  • i am trying to create a simple program that when a users click on the image of a person it shows a modal with the details of the user who his image was clicked. At the moment what my program does is to get the details(Name, image url, title and id) of a user from a SharePoint list, The position function takes care of the positioning of the images on the page and tries to make sure that the images do not overlap. i was working through it bit by bit. But i hit a snag, i'm not sure how to in-corporate a click event on the images to my program. Any ideas would be grand

    function PersonConstructor(username,Title,Phone,Email,Id){
        return {
            name: username,
            Title: Title,
            phoneNumber: Phone,
            Email: Email,
            UserId: Id,
            PictureUrl: picUrl
    var ListData = function (){
         var mydeferred = $.Deferred();
         var WebURL = _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl;  
        listName = 'TeamInfo';
                 url: WebURL+ "/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('"+listName+"')/items?$select=Name/Title,Name/Name,Name/Id,Name/EMail,Name/WorkPhone&$expand=Name/Id",
                type: "GET",
                headers: { "ACCEPT": "application/json;odata=verbose" },
                success: function(data){
                    var PeopleCompleteList = [];
                    for (i=0; i< data.d.results.length; i++) {
                        //check if the user exists if he does store the following properties name,title,workphone,email
                        if(data.d.results[i]['Name'] != null){
                            personName = data.d.results[i]['Name'].Name.split('|')[2];
                            userName = data.d.results[i]['Name']['Name'];
                            UserTitle = data.d.results[i]['Name']['Title'];
                            UserphoneNumber = data.d.results[i]['Name']['WorkPhone'];
                            UserEmail = data.d.results[i]['Name']['EMail'];
                            Id = data.d.results[i]['Name']['Id'];
                            picUrl= WebURL + '/_layouts/15/userphoto.aspx?size=L&accountname='+UserEmail
                            PeopleCompleteList.push(PersonConstructor(personName, UserTitle, UserphoneNumber,UserEmail,Id, picUrl));
                error: onQueryFailed
            return mydeferred.promise();
    function onQueryFailed (err){
    var positioningFunction= function (){
        var containerW = 700;
        var containerH = 600;
        var  positions = [];
            var ctx = $(this);
            var coords = {
                 w: $(this).outerWidth(true),
                 h: $(this).outerHeight(true)
            var success = false;
            while (!success){
                coords.x = parseInt(Math.random() * (containerW-coords.w));
                coords.y = parseInt(Math.random() * (containerH-coords.h));
                var success = true;
                $.each(positions, function(){
                    if (
                        coords.x <= (this.x + this.w) &&
                        (coords.x + coords.w) >= this.x &&
                        coords.y <= (this.y + this.h) &&
                        (coords.y + coords.h) >= this.y
                            success = false;
                top: coords.y + 'px',
                left: coords.x + 'px'
    $(function () {
                var imageHtml = [];            
                data.map(function(items, index){
                    imageHtml.push('<img class="img-circle" src="'+items['PictureUrl']+ '"/>');
               var imagesString = imageHtml.join().replace(/,/g,"");           

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  • Hi,

    Here is a demo about show a div when clicking the image with Jquery for your reference:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {
             $("img[title='test']").click(function() {
    <img src="http://sp/PublishingImages/download.jpg" alt="test" title="test"></img>
    <div class="slidingDiv">

    When page load, it won't show slidingDiv class:

    After clicking the image, it will show the div:


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    Wednesday, November 22, 2017 7:13 AM