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     using (WordprocessingDocument destDoc = WordprocessingDocument.Create("destination.docm", WordprocessingDocumentType.MacroEnabledDocument))


                    WordprocessingDocument srcDoc = WordprocessingDocument.Open("macrosource.docm", false);

                    MainDocumentPart mainPart = destDoc.AddMainDocumentPart();

                    // Create the document structure and add some text.

                    // Get VBA parts from source document

                    VbaProjectPart vbaSrc = srcDoc.MainDocumentPart.VbaProjectPart;

                    VbaDataPart vbaDatSrc = vbaSrc.VbaDataPart;

                    // Create VBA parts in destination document

                    VbaProjectPart vbaProjectPart1 = mainPart.AddNewPart<VbaProjectPart>("rId9");

                    VbaDataPart vbaDataPart1 = vbaProjectPart1.AddNewPart<VbaDataPart>("rId1");

                    // Copy part contents




    The above code creates a new word document and copies the macros from the source document to the created document.But I need to copy the content too(along with macros,images,header,footer etc...the whole content) to the created document. How can I do this? Can any one share the C# code to this & guide me.TQ.

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