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  • Hi,

    I have a MDI container and also I use my own custom class MsgBox called ShowMsg which I use mostly on the child forms, so far it worked fine until I realized that the Showmsg did not stick to the parent form (MDIContainer), since my Showmsg class uses a showdialog() but the class cannot see the MDIContainer, I created a global var type Windows.Forms.Form and assign it the MDIContainer, now in my Showmsg class I can use ShowDialog(MDIvar) to let it know who is the parent.

    Now, sometimes I get the error "Error creating window handle" which I don't know why this happens.

    This is part of the code:

    Public Function ShowMsg(ByVal Text As String, ByVal Icon As ShowMsgImage, ByVal Title As String) As DialogResult
            Dim SMF As New ShowMsgForm
            'Set the title bar
            SMF.Text = Title
            'Select an image and sound based on the Icon parameter
            Select Case Icon
                Case ShowMsgImage.Alert
                    SMF.MessagePictureBox.Image = My.Resources.ico_showmsg_Warning
                    SMF.Sound = Media.SystemSounds.Asterisk
                Case ShowMsgImage.Confirm
                    SMF.MessagePictureBox.Image = My.Resources.ico_showmsg_Confirm
                    SMF.Sound = Media.SystemSounds.Question
                Case ShowMsgImage.Critical
                    SMF.MessagePictureBox.Image = My.Resources.ico_showmsg_NotAllowed
                    SMF.Sound = Media.SystemSounds.Hand
                Case ShowMsgImage.Info
                    SMF.MessagePictureBox.Image = My.Resources.ico_showmsg_Info
                    SMF.Sound = Media.SystemSounds.Asterisk
                Case ShowMsgImage.Security
                    SMF.MessagePictureBox.Image = My.Resources.ico_showmsg_Lock
                    SMF.Sound = Media.SystemSounds.Beep
                Case ShowMsgImage.UnderConstruction
                    SMF.MessagePictureBox.Image = My.Resources.ico_showmsg_NotAllowed
                    SMF.Sound = Media.SystemSounds.Asterisk
                Case ShowMsgImage.Ok
                    SMF.MessagePictureBox.Image = My.Resources.ico_showmsg_ok
                    SMF.Sound = Media.SystemSounds.Asterisk
            End Select
            'Set other properties
            SMF.TextLabel.Text = Text
            SMF.QuestionTextLabel.Text = ""
            SMF.Button1.Visible = True
            SMF.Button1.Text = "OK"
            SMF.Button1.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK
            SMF.Button2.Visible = False
            SMF.Button3.Visible = False
            'Resize the form
            'Set its starting position
            SMF.StartPosition = FormStartPosition.CenterScreen
            'Display the form modally and return its DialogResult
                Return SMF.ShowDialog(MFR)
            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try
        End Function

    Any ideas what could be wrong?



    Thursday, January 24, 2019 5:44 PM

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