ResponseObjects and MyResponseType RRS feed

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    I have one user who creates an appointment and invites 2 other people. So I have the following:

    User 1 --> Organizer

    User 2 --> Invitee

    User 3 --> Invitee

    At this point, the two invitees have not accepted or declined the appointment (it is still tentative). When I call GetItem on each user's appointment item, I'm seeing different things

    User 1's "ResponseObjects" looks like the following:




    While User 3 looks like this:




    Also, the MyResponseType element is different between user2 and user 3..

    User 2:



    User 3:


    Seems strange that User 3 would have Organizer here, although they are not the "Organizer"...


    Any reason why there would be differences? Are there roles/groups that tell Exchange to handle  appointments differently?



    Friday, May 6, 2011 5:58 PM