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  • Hello,

    Excuse my ignorance, I am brand new with SharePoint and can't seem to be finding answers to my questions using the online docs.

    We have developed and offer a Linux-based web application (PHP/JQuery/Ajax/MySQL). It allows an organization to track its petitions for construction permits to different offices (ex. City hall, State, County etc). Multiple users can login, provide information for one or more petitions using web-forms we have already created for each permit and when all is finished they can generate a .DOC or a PDF to submit. We also provide some dashboard, calendar and graphing functionality to show them how many applications have pending or finished, charting submissions over several years, sending email reminders etc.

    Many of our clients already run SharePoint for document and content management. We are trying to figure out: 

    Would it be possible to "package" our existing web-app and sell it as a SharePoint App? If yes, in the case we make upgrades  (ex. add or change a new permit form) can we then "push" the update so our SharePoint clients get the new features without losing their existing data?

    If we can't package it as a SharePoint App, what other options do we have besides porting it/re-developing for SharePoint?

    Thank you for any insight you can provide.


    Sunday, January 12, 2014 3:42 AM


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