subreport - linking with parameters RRS feed

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  • Hello. This problem is driving me crazy. Any help is appreciated...

    My report and subreport both provide data about information systems. The first, vulnerabilities per host; the second, users per host. Both reports use the same database. The main report is designed so that each of 200 IP addresses has a separate page - this is basically an audit report that I am creating.

    I want the main report to constrain the data of the subreport so only the user information from system A shows up on the corresponding main report page with the vulnerability information from system A... same system B, system C... etc. 

    Using parameters so far has not worked. Is this because I am not filtering the data, so much as sorting it?

    I've taught myself this over the last couple days, so for me this is beyond my understanding of the application. Again, any help is sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

    Visual Studio 2005 v.8
    .NET Framework v. 2
    SQL Server Reporting Services
    Tuesday, February 2, 2010 3:35 PM