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  • i have multiple workbooks, each workbook has NN sheets, each sheet has 5 charts, 4 of the charts are in a rectangle on the sheet.

    i need to paste the 4 charts into a single slide in powerpoint deck.

    then add a new slide for the next sheet in the workbook.

    code below only handles the current sheet, and paste each chart pasted replaces the previous ... so i end up with only 1 chart pasted in the slide ...


    1. correct code below to paste each of the four excel charts into a single slide without overwriting each other

    2. extend with loop for each sheet, adding a new slide for the new sheet ...

    Thanks ...

            For Each cht In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects
                If chtcount = 4 Then
                If chtcount = 1 Then
            'Add a new slide where we will paste the chart
                newPowerPoint.ActivePresentation.Slides.Add newPowerPoint.ActivePresentation.Slides.Count + 1, ppLayoutText
                End If
                chtcount = chtcount + 1
                newPowerPoint.ActiveWindow.View.GotoSlide newPowerPoint.ActivePresentation.Slides.Count
                Set activeSlide = newPowerPoint.ActivePresentation.Slides(newPowerPoint.ActivePresentation.Slides.Count)
            'Copy the chart and paste it into the PowerPoint as a Metafile Picture

                ' Copy Chart
                ' Paste Chart
            'Set the title of the slide the same as the title of the chart
            If chtcount = 1 Then
                activeSlide.Shapes(1).TextFrame.TextRange.Text = cht.Chart.ChartTitle.Text
            End If
            If chtcount Mod 2 = 1 Then
                leftpos = 0
                leftpos = 500
            End If
            If chtcount <= 2 Then
                toppos = 30
                toppos = 530
            End If
            'Adjust the positioning of the Chart on Powerpoint Slide
                newPowerPoint.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Left = leftpos '15
                newPowerPoint.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Top = toppos '125

                activeSlide.Shapes(2).Width = 200
                activeSlide.Shapes(2).Left = 505

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  • Hi,

    Based on the understanding, you are going to loop each sheet in the workbook, and copy the chart to  a new created Slide in the Presentation. You may use the following code as a reference.

    Sub CopyCharts()
    Dim PPT As PowerPoint.Application
    Set PPT = New PowerPoint.Application
    PPT.Visible = msoCTrue
    Dim MyPresention As Presentation
    ‘Open the PPT
    PPT.Presentations.Open Filename:="D:\Test.pptx"
    Set MyPresention = PPT.Presentations("Test.pptx")
    Dim MySlide As PowerPoint.Slide
    Dim oLayout As CustomLayout
    Set oLayout = MyPresention.Designs(1).SlideMaster.CustomLayouts(7)
    For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
    'Add a new Slide
    MyPresention.Slides.AddSlide MyPresention.Slides.Count + 1, oLayout
    ' Use Index to Select Chart ,Copy and Paste Chart
    Dim crt As ChartObject
    For i = 2 To 5
    Set crt = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(i)
    MyPresention.Slides(MyPresention.Slides.Count).Shapes(i - 1).Left = 20 + (i - 2) * 120 + 100
    ' Set the Left Property for the Pasted Chart to Preventing Override the previous Shape
    Next i
    End Sub

    Hope this could help you

    Best Regards,


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