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  • I have been playing with Windows 8 since the dev version released. I have it on a 24" Sony Touchscreen and a Acer Iconia tablet. I still think metro looks a little childish but that may just be due to it being an early release. My Windows Phone 7 looks much better.

    The thing I absolutley hate, at least one of them is the fact that I have to completely stop what I am doing when I reach a site with Flash or Silverlight. I hate that experience because I then have to switch to the non Metro version. If I am in Metro I want it in Metro. I might as well switch to an iPad if I wanted that experience. It should be optional for the end user to decide if they want plugins enabled or not. As a developer, HTML 5 is a joke compared to what I can do in Silverlight and you can forget people serious about protecting their content to release code that anyone can swipe by viewing page source.

    I guess I am just disgruntled by this early release but there is no indication that Metro is going to support plugins so I prefer not to have Metro as a UI. If I can't get better than that I might as well go to Apple. And I hate Apple. :(

    As someone who has been a die hard Windows fan since 3.1 I am growing less of a Windows fan with each day I use Metro. And as a developer focussed on delivering MS products this is the worst the dev community has ever been treated by MS. Silence is so Applesque and that is no compliment. MS, get back to supporting the dev community or you will begin seeing defections like you never have before. And for heavens sake, don't get rid of the Silverlight plugin. Many of us have invested heavily in that technology, not only because it is cross platform but because you just can't get that rich of an experience in html, not even html5. It's still just markup and javascript in the end. I thought we had evolved, guess not.

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011 8:52 PM

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  • Metro has many problems. I have posted my own thoughts in this forum about what is wrong with Metro, but it sounds like you have reached the same conclusion as me - Metro just isn't right for regular computers.
    Saturday, December 17, 2011 2:06 AM