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    1. put the mouse charm bar on the same side as the touch charm bar or just simply make them the same.  It seems a less productive to go all the way to the left of the screen to hit the charm bar then travel all the way back to right make more choices.
    2. Put the user tile in the charm bar, this makes it more accessable where ever you are.
    3. Put the shutdown option inside of user tile options with log off and such.  This is closer to the current usage where they are co-located
    4. When switching programs from the left side menu, instead of bringing up just the last used app, bring up all active apps or last x number of apps as thumbnails, similar to tabs in metro IE except stacked vertically.  And always have the metro desktop as one of those thumbnails just as the traditional desktop is.  Alternatively you could bring up all active apps in a grid similar to Mac OSX.
    5. Remove the word "Start" and add one more row of tiles.  Start adds nothing to usability where more tiles would.
    6. Move from Side scrolling to vertical scrolling, I think this gives alot of people the illusion that the mouse is less productive that it is in the metro desktop.  We have been trained so long for vertical scrolling that most people don't realize the scroll wheel works. This would also alleviate the problem with accidental lauching of apps when trying to open the charm bar.  This would also allow you to open the charm bar by simply bumping your mouse into the right side of the screen.  I understand that this is the least likely thing to change but in some ways this probably the most important due to being more intuitive to the end user and delivering a more consistent user experience with WP and a legacy windows.
    7. Allow us to left click and drag the metro desktop. 
    8. Enable multitouch trackpads to work in metro.  I have a multitouch track pad that worked in windows 7 but doesn't do anything (multitouch) in Windows 8.
    9. Allow us to resize the metro desktop (ctrl + scroll wheel) to allow more smaller tiles or less larger tiles how ever the user desires.
    10. Multimonitor support for the metro desktop.  Currently multimonitor support seems to be confined to the legacy desktop.
    11. More Snapped app options for hi-res monitors like 1080 and above.  I would like possibly true 50/50 split and maybe something like 20/60/20.  Vertical scrolling would also work better in these situations.
    12. In situations where an item is selected then options appear at the bottom of the screen simply moving these options the sight of the selection would take less mouse travel.  An example of this is resizing or unpinning in the metro desktop.  Instead of unpin showing up at the bottom of the screen it should simple show up next to the tile selected.  Less mousing required = better experience.  This is also less finger movement as well so better experiences all around.
    13. Catagories, Much like the new xbox UI have the ability to create user defined catagories, that could be quickly accessed by a pivot menu along the top.  these could also be accessed by touch by flicking left or right through the pivots.  This would be more consistent with WP operation.
    14. Integrate legacy applications better into new UI by giving each app its own dedicated desktop which would show up on it's own dedicated thumbnail in the left side window switcher function.  This would negate the need to first select desktop then select the desired application.  This should be an optional function with the ability to disable it by the user.
    15. Remote desktops should show up and be controlled through the charm bar not like an app.  Using an app inside of app is confusing.

    Overall I really like the metro desktop and the improvements made to the legacy desktop but the reality is that the metro functions are not as productive as the classic desktop.  If this is the future and we are building the foundations for that future now, then we need it to be stronger than what it currently is. 

    Saturday, September 24, 2011 12:28 PM

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    Saturday, September 24, 2011 10:25 PM