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  • I use SharePoint 2013 Enterprise, Active Server. I created a list that requires I collect certain values for each individual using the Person or Group column. The values are:

    1. User Name (full)

    2. User/Network ID

    3. Office/Location

    4. Department

    Once I save the new item I see the values--as you know they are not visible until I save the item. The four fields above are four individual columns. In our environment a user enters a user/network id in each field/column and the values associated with that user id populate on saving the entry. Users take issue with having to enter the user/network id four times to obtain the four values.

    Being new to SharePoint and lacking experience:

    Q1: Is it possible to create one Person or Group column/control and then create three other columns, in this example, wherefrom and how to pull the information required in fields 2-4 without them being Person or Group columns/controls?

    I have looked for a way to pull the input, ie, user/network id, from the first column and convert it to the value in the succeeding columns without success. I have tried and failed using Lookup and Calculated columns. I sense may be necessary to write code but was hoping for something out of the box.

    Q2: Is it possible to show values in Person or Group field while editing or must I wait until I have saved the item?

    Would appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

    Thursday, March 2, 2017 11:50 PM

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