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  • I'm using OLAP PivotTable entensions and the getting the data I need by writing some GETPIVOTDATA functions to lookup data in the Pivottable.

    Looking at a pivottable GetPivotData function (By using the '=' ) I see that the function uses an '&' in front of the variable it's seeking. For example:

    "[Project_task]","[Project_Task].[Project].&[1523678]". The '&[1523678]' is actually a reference to project number 1234. 1234 is what shows up in the pivot table. It's really just the caption or property. I've tried deleting the & and using the actual value ([Project].["1234"])and get an error.

    Does anyone know the MDX syntax that I could use in OLAP Pivot Table Extensions that would show the reference number (1523678 in the above example) as a field in the pivot table? Then I could use that 'key' in my GetPivotData function to get the correct data.

    Right now I copy the table, convert the cube to formulas and steal the keys using the mid function. The VBA works, but crashes one per run because the conversion isn't complete before the Mid funciton attempts to extract the key. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.



    Friday, November 23, 2012 7:15 PM