Applying CSS when navigating back to homepage


  • I'm posting this question again, because there isn't a single reply to my first question. I'm posting my code. I'm applying a CSS transition on home page, to make parts appear. It works fine when the app loads first time. Then I navigate to page2 and use Back button to come back to home page. How do I apply previous CSS transition/animation this time?

    home.js ready method :


    "name").addEventListener("change", runTransition, false);


    "name").addEventListener("change", transitionBetweenContent, false);

    runTransition() { //apply CSS }

    transitionBetweenContent() { //apply WinJS transition }

    This works fine on home page when app loads for the first time. Now I want that page to store this CSS properties, so when a user navigates back to the home page, all html parts are shown as loaded. But they have disappeared, because fresh home.css loads this time. What do I do?


    Monday, February 17, 2014 5:22 AM