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  • Hi,

    I am trying to calculate the cost using tasks custom filed and Resources Standard Rate filed. But the issue is that when I am creating a formula on task custom field, the Resource Standard Rate field is not appearing the list of field to complete the formula.

    Here is real example:

    Task Field (Custom)

    1) Planned Duration (type duration) - In this field I am entry hours to be used for calculation (these hours are separate than the work calculated automatically based on resource assigned to each task)

    2) Planned Cost (type cost) - in this field I want to calculate the cost of resources based on the each assigned resource rate/hr multiply by planned duration

    Here is formula:

    plannedcost = planneduration * Standard Rate (from the resource sheet)


    1) Added both task custom fields in task view (e.g. planned duration and planned cost)

    2) Clicked right mouse key on Planned Cost column, and selected Custom Fields from the popped up list of options

    3) Changed the Type to Cost, and selected the custom field PlannedCost

    4) Clicked on Formula... button under Custom Attributes heading (it will bring up Formula window for PlannedCost)

    5) Clicked on Field dropdown button and selected PlannedDuration from Duration-->Custom Duration options

    6) used the operator (*) for multiply

    7) Clicked again on Filed dropdown button BUT Resource Standard Rate is not appearing within any options. I checked all the options, one by one.

    your help would be appreciated.


    Monday, October 17, 2016 10:08 PM

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  • 77Ibrahim77,

    You don't see the Standard Rate field in a task view because standard rate is a resource field. But here are some questions for you.

    1. Why exactly are you creating a custom field (i.e. what are you hoping to achieve)?

    2. What if there is more than one resource assigned to a task?

    3. What if a resource is assigned at less than 100%?

    If your "planned duration" is different from the Duration and you only have one resource assigned and that resource is assigned at 100%, then you could either manually enter the resource rates applicable to each task into an extra task field (e.g. Text1) and use that in your formula, or you could use VBA to pull the standard rate date into an extra task field. For some help on how you could do the latter, see


    Tuesday, October 18, 2016 2:14 AM