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  • I am working on a Project Server 2013 workflow. I am creating this using Sharepoint Designer 2013. In this workflow I am using approval process at one stage. I have created a security group SalesManagers in PWA. I want to use this group for workflow approval process. I want all users of this group get approval tasks. 

    For this I used START A TASK PROCESS activity in the SP Designer. I clicked on this user and created task process. But here I could not find SalesManager group which I created in PWA. I was only able to find the users. I can also see Administrators for PWA . But couldnot find SalesManager or any other security group created in pwa.

    Can anyone suggest how I can get the security group created in pwa.

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014 4:06 PM

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  • NBDevelopment,

    I believe SPD only recognizes the SharePoint Groups and not the project server security groups.

    The Administrators for PWA, and few other groups like Project Managers for PWA etc., are synced SharePoint Groups with the security groups, which is why they show up in SPD.

    You could create a SharePoint Group for the Sales Managers group and use that in SPD.


    Prasanna Adavi, Project MVP

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    Thursday, July 24, 2014 1:54 PM
  • I second Prasanna..

    Workflow is a SharePoint functionality, Since its a PWA Site workflow, SPD is pulling the groups which are there in the site collection you have chosen.

    Whenever you create a group in  manage groups (project server), the users will be added into the respective site collection groups (Web admins, project managers and team members) based on the permissions provided in the Project Server category.

    In this case, I recommend the following

              -Create a group in AD and add the required users

              -Create a group in Project Server and sync that AD group

              -Later create a SPS group in the PWA site collection level and add the AD group into that.

    When you create a workflow assign the task to that SPS group, so that it will be assigned to all the users who are part of that group.

    Cheers. Happy troubleshooting !!! Sriram E - MSFT Enterprise Project Management

    Thursday, July 24, 2014 6:58 PM