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  • Please give us iframe without X-Frame-Options restriction, or give us WebView component on html/js app.  That will be extremely valuable to us.

    Iframe in Windows 8 html/js app is not able to open site that has X-Frame-Options.  Currently, many sites do this, including Facebook's login/authentication pages, Google, etc.  However, this is an app, not a web page.  Please allow us to be able to use iframe properly.  

    This is very important.  C# app with WebView do not have this restriction and has an unfair advantage over html/js app.  


    ps. Before anyone suggest using WebAuthenticationBroker: the WebAuthenticationBroker is not enough.  It is good at solving one class of problem.  But many of the other services (such as many Facebook's service), cannot be accessed with oauth token alone.

    Thursday, February 7, 2013 8:05 PM

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