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  • Hi,I developed a simple web application for online exam,where students go back and forth and answer questions , for this i used a "WizardControl" , now i have  to replicate the same for Windows 8 (XAML) but i did not find any such control.Any help in this regard is appreciated.



    Sunday, November 25, 2012 10:24 AM


  • You can proceed as follows:

    - the basis for your development is the XAML Popup element (*).
    - the Popup contains a UserControl
    - inside the UserControl, you initially place a Grid with one row and one column (Height='*' and Width='*')
    - in that cell, you place overlapping UserControls [Grid.Row='0' and Grid.Column='0'] which are all Visibility=Collapsed, except one
    - finally you let the user control(**) their visibility with a series of Buttons which are placed:

    -- either in a second (small) row or column (Height or Width='Auto') in the above Grid [see for example the Grid App template for backward Button navigation design; other buttons are in StandardStyles.xaml file]
    -- or in the Top AppBar belonging to the MainPage [see Navigation design for Windows Store apps (Windows)] but usable from within the Popup

    There are many alternatives for animating the Visibility transitions like using StoryBoard or VisualStateManager but the above is a basis for later sophistication.

    Alternatively to the above, consider also using a FlipView within the Popup; this would suit _some_ scenarios for a sequential series of question/answer. 

    (*) use the Windows Store app samples http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsapps Search 'Popup' to retrieve examples depending on language used
    (**) on Button Click, you switch Visibility=Collapsed and Visibility=Visible on the relevant overlapping UserControls

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