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  • Apparantly i'm a Spammer, not because i have a tendency to send Spam, but because i do not have a Mobile Phone. I don't have a mobile, because it messes up my life. i have a normal housephone so people can cal me when i'm home. When i'm out i'm doing stuff and i don't want to be desturbed while i'm doing it. having a Mobile Phone leads to the expectation that i always carry it with me and as such forces the obligation on me to answer it. to confirm my account i need to have a Mobile Phone, because without one, this is impossible and i will therefor, be treated as a Spammer. I consider this to be Digital Appliance Discrimination. i want this fixed, because i already have a hel of a time sending an E-Mail without being singled out and having to do ridiculous tests to prove i'm not a spammer.

    so, in conclusion i guess my question is - please don't treat me like a paria and provide me an alternative means to confirm my new E-Mail account - i do have another E-Mail Account. i only made a new one because i can't (for some mysterious reason) carry my old one over into the new merged Skype-Hotmail application.

    Sunday, March 3, 2013 8:24 AM