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  • Hello,

            I am looking for refference as below case.

    1) I am looking for some sample which demonstrate reusebility in following senarion. I am having three master entry forms in the hirarchy as

    1.  Employee MAster
    2. Area Master
    3. Group Master


          In this senarion Master 2 & 3 are reused with some different view then its base form in new MAster form that is 1) Employee Master. My ques are

    Q.1) Can I reuse Master 2& 3 in Master 1 with implementation of new view which can be work in conjunction with other fields of 1) Employess Master?

    Q. Where can I find any sample presenting this level of reusebility?

    Q.3) Does my requirement matches the feature available with ASP.NET MVC 3 or not?


    Note: I do not want to use Prism or other comopsite technology because of non availibiliy of skill persons with these tech. So I want to use simple ASP.NET MVC 3 Fundamentas to reach this level of reusebility.


    Any help will aooreciated,

    Nilkanth Desai


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