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  • I am an absolute newbie to Sharepoint. i'm not really sure exactly what it does (or can do).

    My boss has asked me to investigate putting a website into sharepoint. Its a booking system written in asp and Access sat on an intranet. but the intranet might not be there much longer which is why he wants to move it.

    Can anyone guide me through how i take this website and put it within sharepoint please.

    Thank you very much
    ASP Developer
    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 1:25 PM


  • Sharepoint is a very wide subject. However here are few things to address your needs.

    1st of all you are coming from ASP environment so you should learn ASP.net little bit to understand things better in development. Sharepoint runs on .NET framework so one who knows ASP.net easily adapt Sharepoint web application.

    You can download and install WSS 3.0 in your work environment and create a test site in it. Play with sharepoint environment little bit to get familier with it. WSS is free and provides limited features but it is essential to learn it 1st. Once you know your needs after looking into WSS, you can decide to move to next step which is to purchase the standard or enterprise version of Sharepoint server 2007 product.


    If your Boss asked to move ASP site AS-IS in sharepoint then basically you will not get any advantage of Sharepoint. Most probably you will need to create a sharepoint site in sharepoint, design master pages, layout for your sharepoint site. Understand the security. Write some custom web parts for functionality similar to your current ASP site. It will be basically developing your application inside sharepoint to get advantage of it. AS i said, you are beginner so i will recommend that you 1st install WSS and configure WSS and go through it. here is virtual Lab on Installing and configuring WSS

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 2:35 PM